Covid - 19

The current Policy applies to all visitors and is mandatory for the protection the public health and to ensure the prevention of dispersion of COVID-19. Palmina Mare, in order to protect the facility’s visitors, has enforced specific terms for its operation, which are the following:

  • During the entrance and exit from the facility you must keep distance of more than 2 meters
  • The new Check-in and Check-out policy is the following: for the 2020 summer season Check - in will start from 15:00, while Check-out must be completed until 11:00. The reason for this change is to ensure that during different reservations the houses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and that adequate natural ventilation of the houses is achieved, always for your protection.
  • All visitors must comply with the guidelines of the Facility’s Personnel.
  • The entrance of non-residents in the houses is prohibited.
  • In case you want to, you can pay the accommodation expenses electronically. We can also send you via e-mail the accommodation receipts or invoices.
  • You must comply with the Facility’s instructions to avoid crowding in the public areas of the property.
  • The facility has enforced a minimum 5 nights stay policy.
  • The cleaning and housekeeping frequency has adjusted to the Authorities Guidelines. In particular, cleaning of the houses and changing of the sheets will be scheduled at the earliest every 3 days. All cleaning services will take place between 11:00-15:00. During this period, you should be absent so that the Housekeeping Personnel can be cleared to enter the house.
  • The use of the washing machine as an extra service on demand is prohibited during the summer season of 2020. The same applies to the shared spaces of the complex. Signs are in place for all tables in order to ensure exclusive use for each designated house.
  • The housekeeping protocol includes thorough cleaning and disinfection with the use of steam cleaner before each new arrival, as well as extended natural air ventilation.
  • During your stay you must ensure daily to fresh air your house. All air conditioning units must be used with concurrent fresh air ventilation
  • The operation of the Reception has been cancelled and all Check-in and Check-out processes are conducted outdoors for avoiding crowding in enclosed spaces.
  • In case you identify any symptoms related to CONID-19, either to you or your companions, you must immediately restrict your moving and inform the Facility Coordinator (Mrs Myrto Dolapsaki).
  • Temperature screening is conducted to all residents during the check-in processes.
  • Third Parties (suppliers and subcontractors) who must enter the facility must comply to all protection measures issued by the relevant authorities and the Greek Organization for Public Health.
Our goal for this year is for you to have a joyful and safe vacations, and in this process, we need you support.

On behalf of Palmina Mare
Myrto Dolapsaki
Facility Coordinator