Prefecture of Preveza is an historical region with great cultural heritage and a destination of exceptional ecological and aesthetic value.
Crystal clear waters, endless coastlines and wetlands, ancient cities and castles, mountains, forests and nature trails invite you to explore, feel and experience the unique landscape that spreads out before you.
Monuments - Palmina Mare


Begin your journey through myth, history and a rich natural environment by visiting monuments and archeological sites such as Nicopolis, ancient Kassope and Ephyra, the city of Oraon, the historical areas of Souli, Kougi and Zalogo, Castle of Kiafa, Nekromandeio and many castles and monasteries scattered in history.
Nature lovers shouldn’t miss exploring the wetlands of Ambracian Gulf, Acheron straits (gates of Hades) and river Louros, lake Zirou, Lekatsa forest and the aesthetic forest of Nicopolis - Mytica.
The closest cities are Preveza, Parga and Ioannina, whereas the nearby islands include Paxi - Antipaxi, Corfu and Lefkas, all recommended and within reach for daily excursions
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Access By Car - Palmina Mare

Access By Car

Our accommodation is located on the coastline that connects the cities of Preveza (35 km) and Parga (25 km)
Easily accessible by car, we will find it coming from the E55 national road (Igoumenitsa - Preveza) and turn towards Vrachos Loutsas beach.
More specifically, there are 3 main roads that go down from the national road to the beach, but the road you meet immediately after the semi-circular tunnel of Vrachos (coming from Preveza), takes you to the entrance of our accommodation after 3 turns.
Coming from the coastal road, from or towards the beach of Lygia, you will easily find the coastal entrance of Palmina if you follow the alley right next to the shop "Faros Cafe - Bar" which is the last one you come across when leaving the beach.
Access for International Guests - Palmina Mare

Access for International Guests

International guests can also reach us easily by boat or by the nearby airports. The Port of Igoumenitsa is 55 km away and one can combine a flight destination to Corfu island. During summer there is a connecting boat to Igoumenitsa every one hour and the trip lasts an hour and a half. The airport of Aktion is just 37 km away.